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Frequently Asked Questions

What size mask should I oder?

First we recommend you check out our sizing video here, which should help in making your decision.  We are working to create more sizing guildeines to be added soon.

Can I order over the phone?

We are processing a tremendous volume of orders on a daily basis so we would prefer you order here on the website. If you need assistance in ordering online you can call our store and we will help walk you through the process.  We've worked hard to make it as easy and streamlined as possible

What if the elastic is too tight around my ears?  

We have purposely made the elastic a little on the tighter side to ensure a secure and good fit on the widest range of people.  You should find the elastic will loosen after a few uses and washes, however one way to speed up this loosening is to fold the mask in half and pinch it where the elastic is sewn into the mask and pull on the other end 15-20 times, this will loosen the elastic some and increase comfort.

Does your mask have a spot for a filter?

No, our mask design does not allow for a filter pocket, however many folks have found it effective to cut up a papertowel or coffee filter the lay in in the cone of the mask,  there is adequate room for this and it adds and extra barrier.

Why is your mask Cone shaped and not flat like most others?

We decided to make a cone style mask for a couple of reasons.  1. We find it fits much tighter around the nose and chin than almost any flat mask we've seen, it is also almost impossible to wear in a manner that would leave your nose or mouth exposed.  2.  After having used many different masks, many of us here prefer the cone style as it provides more room to breathe and is easier to talk in as the fabric stays away from your mouth and nose.

If you have other questions please email us at