Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your masks made?

Our mask are 100% hand-made right here in Richmond VA by our team.  When purchasing a mask from us you are re-circulating money in our local economy and keeping local folks employed.


What size mask should I order?

We have learned that creating 2 sizes to fit all faces comfortably and securely is tricky.

If you are on the fence on which size to order and comfort is most important we recommend you go with the large size.  You can always throw it in the dryer and it will shrink a bit, you can also always tie a knot in the elastic to shorten it.

If you find the elastic is too tight, we recommend folding your mask in half, pinching where the elastic meets the mask and stretching it out a bit.  You can often gain a 1/4-1/2" of length from this which can make a big difference in comfort.

Why is your mask Cone shaped and not flat like most others?

We decided to make a cone style mask for a couple of reasons.  1. We find it fits much tighter around your face, reducing both what can get in and just as importantly what can get out. 2. It is also almost impossible to wear our masks incorrectly and expose your nose or mouth.  3.  After having used many different masks, many of us here prefer the cone style as it provides more room to breathe and is easier to talk in as the fabric stays away from your mouth and nose.  4. We also find the cone mask is ideal if you need to take it on and off often as there is little to no adjustment needed.


Can I order over the phone?

We are processing a tremendous volume of orders on a daily basis so we prefer you order on the website. If you need assistance in ordering online you can call our store and we will help walk you through the process.  


Can I buy them in the your store?

Yes, we have re-opened our showrooms as of Monday May 18th, and we have masks available to purchase.


How do I wash my mask?

We recommend you hand or machine wash your mask on warm or warm/cold and hang dry to reduce shrinkage and extend lifespan.  If you put your mask through the dryer it will shrink as the outer shell is 100% cotton.


What if the elastic is too tight or loose around my ears?  

We have adjusted our elastic length on the large size to achieve a comfortable fit on the widest range of people.  If you still find it too tight we recommend you fold the mask in half and pinch it where the elastic is sewn into the mask and pull on the other end 15-20 times, this will loosen the elastic some and increase comfort.  If you find the elastic is too loose we recommend tying a small knot in the end of the elastic loop.


If I wear this mask with glasses will they fog up?

It will depend on your face shape and glasses, some folks tell us they fog up some don't.  However if you wash your glass lenses often with basic dawn dish detergent or even shaving cream this should alleviate this issue.


Does your mask have a metal nose clip?

No our mask does not have a malleable metal nose piece as our design doesn't allow for it. Our cone style design also doesn't need a metal nose piece to fit correctly like many other masks, on most people our mask fits very close around the nose.   

Does your mask have a spot for a filter?

No, our mask design does not allow for a filter pocket, but you can add a paper towel or coffee filter by laying it in the cone of the mask. There is adequate room for this and it adds an extra barrier.


If you have other questions please email us at masks@ufabstore.com